Could Allied Health program save Southeast Tech? – Post-Bulletin


Could Allied Health program save Southeast Tech?
Not just nursing, but radiology, phlebotomy and (other programs) … so that area could really be consumed by nursing and Allied Health. "We're talking about 6 percent down right now, but I really think that can be our savior in the future," he said

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The Benefits Of Using Ase Master Technicians

When people are in need of automotive repair, they want to have the job done right the first time. This always leaves people in search of a good mechanic who is worth the money it costs to do any needed repair work. One way to go about finding such a mechanic is to look for ASE Master Technicians. These are highly trained automotive service professionals who have both the automotive education and experience needed to do high quality automotive work.

What Exactly Is an ASE Master Technician?

The National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence is an independent and non-profit organization which offers programs and training for those looking to become highly qualified automotive professionals. In order for a mechanic to be a Master technician with them, a mechanic must first pass the standard courses offered by the institute. They must later pass a series of tests in the specific type of automotive work they are looking to specialize in.

When a mechanic is certified in a particular concentration of auto repair work, they are qualified to do both maintenance and repair work in that area. The work they are trained to do is of the highest quality since they have been educated in how to execute automotive work at the highest professional level. This means that an ASE professional will give you the best work money can buy.

How to Find a Professional

Automotive repair shops which employ Master Technicians advertise this in their shops and often in their advertisements. If you do not know of such a shop in your area, go to the official ASE website. They have a section dedicated to assisting motorist in finding a certified professional in their area. The website is user friendly and only asks you to enter basic information about your location to narrow the search for your technician. After finding the list professionals in your area you take your search one step further. You can do this by looking up reviews for the mechanics and shops on your list. This will help you in identifying the location you feel the best about taking your car to for maintenance and repairs.

Questions to Ask ASE Master Technicians

Many people simply take their car into an automotive professional when they are in need of having major repair work done. When this happens most people do not think to ask the professional working on their car questions other than those which pertain to the work they are currently having done. This is unfortunate because the advice offered by an ASE professional about other aspects of their cars maintenance can be very helpful. Before you take you car in, make a list of questions you would like to ask. This will ensure that you do not forget anything you may be concerned about once you get to the shop. Be sure to ask questions about areas of car maintenance which can save you money such as tips on fuel efficiency.

Jeremy Babcock is the owner of Automotive Procare. His shop is a full service auto repair facility in Rochester, MN. Jeremy employs ASE master certified technicians and 100% customer satisfaction is his most important priority.

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Health calendar: Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015 – Pensacola News Journal

Pensacola News Journal

Health calendar: Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015
Pensacola News Journal
Students will rotate through 15 health career opportunities including physical therapy assisting, radiography, phlebotomy, nursing, EMT, sonography and dental hygiene. For details, contact Jennifer Ponson, 484-2245. 2015 Alabama disABILITY Conference …

and more »

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Blood drive held in honor of Little Ferry resident –

Blood drive held in honor of Little Ferry resident
Colleen Tronlone, left, and her father John, during a blood drive at Memorial School on Oct. 17. The event was organized by Colleen to support her dad after he was diagnosed with leukemia. Community Blood Services Phlebotomist Melissa Barco preps Joe …

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Therese Park: Diabetes is a dangerous foe – Kansas City Star

Therese Park: Diabetes is a dangerous foe
Kansas City Star
Howard, 47, had been a healthy family man who had worked at a lab as a phlebotomist for 20 years before a stroke left him partially paralyzed. It all began a year ago, she said, on July 11, a month after his 46th birthday. Here are her words about her

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What Is The Importance Of Radiology Technician

In any hospital, clinic and diagnostic laboratories, a radiology technician/ Radiographer act as a back bone of the X-ray department. A patient’s health condition is diagnosed by a doctor on the basis of the report on the X-ray sheet. Acquiring proficiency in handling X-Ray equipment by a technician is a matter of good experience.


A radiology technician is also considered as a medical professional. Now-a-days throughout the world, there are so many medical institutes that provide professional courses and the students who pass out from there have great opportunity as so many hospitals are also coming into existence. A technician should be well versed in taking a clear image just as a photographer who has to good at taking a clear image.He should know that 100% clear picture only can project before the Doctor the true condition of the patients. It is more significant in the case of cancer or TB patients as it plays more crucial part in their lives. To be an updated professional, the technician should not only have knowledge and experience of the X-ray equipment but also knowledge about the latest X-ray technology and diseases with correct terminology. Just like how you prefer a compounder who can read the doctor’s scribbled prescription, a technician who is able to explain the technical details of the image to the doctor is preferred everywhere.


The courses are at Certificate level two years and Associate degree level with four years duration.

Every candidate should get the license given by competent authorities to practice after the completion of the course.In the US the licence issued by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, after an examination.


Those who have completed the general training can avail opportunities in the field of diagnosis of breast tumors (mammography), imaging of a three dimensional body using many two-dimensional slices (computed tomography), scanning, MRI, etc. There is not only a great demand for technicians but also they are offered a good pay. A day will come when these technicians have to travel across the continents with the doctors to perform complicated surgeries. It is not possible to avoid the services provided by them to today’s world.


A radiographer can start with his own practice after getting license from the concerned authority. A qualified and experienced person is always an asset and is of high demand across the globe. A patient is at liberty to check the authenticity of the technician, assess his ability to handle the case independent with shrewdness. He should be able to show the patients the right way to get the best remedy available.

Also gather more details on Radiology Technician Information.

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Automatic payments may cause more problems than they solve – Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times

Automatic payments may cause more problems than they solve
Los Angeles Times
If you can't, automatic payments can cause more problems than they solve. Keeping your 401(k) money. Dear Liz: I had to resign from my job as a phlebotomist at a hospital. Did I lose the money that was in my 401(k) or do I still have it? How do I find out?

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